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Center for Business Management in Horticulture and Applied Research

The Center was established as a non-profit organization at the University of Hannover in 1957. It is a long-term project of the Institute of Horticultural Production Systems.

The Center provides scientific support to policy makers, management advisors and horticultural enterprises in Germany.

In applied research the Center’s research focus is on the development, organization and management of sustainable horticultural systems.

We service our customers with management ratios, business figures and performance indicators to conduct cross-sectional and time series comparison of the economic performance of horticultural firms. Presently, around 2000 horticultural enterprises from all over Germany participate in our data panel.

Financial support is provided by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ministries of Agriculture of the German federal states. The Center also actively acquires research funds from funding agencies as well as various agricultural and horticultural organizations in Germany and beyond.