We create numbers into information

Every year, CBMH evaluates around 1,000 annual financial statements of horticultural companies nationwide. The extensive data material is condensed and prepared for different purposes. Recent results are regularly published as "Key figures for inter-company comparisons in horticulture". The CMBH prepares expert opinions for political decision-makers, which show how changed framework conditions affect the various horticultural sectors.

In applied research projects, the CBMH deals with current issues related to the competitiveness of horticultural companies. In addition, the association organises specialist conferences and is involved in the training and further education of managers in horticulture.

The CBMH collects and provides indispensable management information for horticultural enterprises. Through regular publications,  entrepreneurs from all horticultural sectors receive vital performance indicators for their respective type of business in order to maintain and improve competitiveness of their companies. In addition, CBMH offers political decision-makers at the federal and state levels scientifically sound facts to assess the economic situation of the horticultural sector.

What we teach