Research Areas

Inter-company comparisons in horticulture

Inter-company comparisons in horticulture are the heart of CMBH. For this reason, we are continuously working on the further development of this and other external controlling instruments for horticultural companies. In this process we focus both production horticulture and service and trading companies.

Competitive production

Companies compete in several markets with various products. In order to last in these markets with the goods and services they produce and to make a reasonable profit, companies must be competitive. Competition can be based, among other things, on a price or quality dimension, with the focus on creating added value for the customer. Thus, the allocation of available resources is an essential element in achieving competitiveness. The change in the horticultural sector in Germany makes it clear that analyses and models are necessary in order to provide companies, consultants and political decision-makers with an economic assessment of the competitiveness of the horticultural sector and to enable a forecast to be made. In addition, alternative courses of action are to be presented so that strategic and operative planning can be supported at micro- and macroeconomic level.

Sustainable horticulture

Growing user expectations and society's demands for environmentally friendly and sustainable production are another major driver for developments in horticulture. Therefore, we are also researching into questions of measuring and assessing sustainability aspects of horticultural production and the associated opportunities and challenges for companies.