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Farm comparison for horticultural enterprises

We offer farm performance comparisons based on farm accounting data for horticultural enterprises in Germany.

Any horticultural farm can participate in our network free of charge by submitting an anonymized survey form that includes data from the balance sheet, profit and loss account and additional information on farm structure, i.e. acreage, labor, marketing channels and main crops.

Anonymization is accomplished by our partners, e.g. tax advisors and extension staff, who send in the survey form identified by a code. In turn, we send back an individual farm comparison sheet, that compares farm performance indicators of the individual farm with average values of a group of similar farms and the average of the top third of farms in our panel. Our partners then forward the farm comparison sheet to the respective enterprise or use it for individual management advice.

Based on the comparison of more than 100 performance indicators, relative weaknesses and strengths of the individual farm can be identified and quantified and used as a starting point for improving and securing the profitability of small and medium horticultural businesses.

With a database of more than 2000 sets of farm accounting data per year, we are in a unique position to publish regular statistics on farm performance and utilize the data for policy advice and research purposes.